Administrative Assistant most sought after college degrees

Administrative Assistant most sought after college degrees

Read about the certificate and degree options at four of the top colleges, and find a list of other schools View 10 Popular Schools» Administrative assistant programs are most commonly offered at community colleges, although some.
A major in Administrative Assistant and Secretarial Science is a very popular major . schools with as many as 208 degrees earned at the most popular school.
I know the answer is that there is an overabundance of college degrees out there and, that anyone with a BA is going to be content to be a secretary, or administrative assistant. Learning how to learn is just as important, if not more so, than where it was learned. Training, retraining, recruiting, very, very expensive. Looking for a job in Healthcare Administration - Administrative.
Administrative Assistant most sought after college degrees

Administrative Assistant most sought after college degrees - inspectors

Unfortunately, THEY can take my home away from me. Here in New York, many executive assistants have fine or liberal arts degrees. Best if they have a "well rounded" college education or equivalent knowledge. I rather be unfit, and educated. I beleive this is to eliminate the employers fears of selecting candidates who are ready for the next step in their careers. Prepare for Challenging and Unexpected Job Interview Questions. Cute wears off when it comes to poor job performance. The traditions of what it takes to get hired are out the window and you just have to have skill at choosing the right job for your talents. She didnt even know how to use excel or powerpoint which she must have lied because it was important in the group she supported. The comment regarding "who you know is also very relevant".

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Respiratory Therapy what are the core subjects in college I didn't go to college to solicit credit card accounts over the phone. You may also want to read:. Additional giveaways are planned. What Advanced Job Search. You must constantly strive to enhance your skill set and add value to your employers to stay marketable, regardless of whether or not you possess a degree. As you move up, you need to know more event planning and how to run a staff. It's the skills that get you promoted.
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Administrative Assistant most sought after college degrees I am though taking a home-study writers course through the Long Ridge Writers Group up in Connecticut. However, they have the degree to back up knowledge learned within a college setting. It's also an ENERGY LEVEL. How much do Administrative Assistants make in your city? See more ranking lists. Go to school for you. You are painting with a broad brush.
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