Math level subjects in college easy research topics for high school

math level subjects in college easy research topics for high school

High school and college students often have trouble finding appropriate topics for research projects in mathematics. But they present a wealth of mathematical subjects in an accessible way. including the challenging college - level problems of Macalester College, the interactive ESCOT Problem of the Week, and several.
I am thinking of giving my high school students some pure maths projects to do. It is a lot easier to think of some interesting stats projects but not in pure maths. some exciting research topics which do not require tons of advanced maths. Depending on the student's mathematical level, one could point to.
What math classes should you take in high school? The topics listed below serve as a guideline for the key subjects Which Math Classes Will Colleges Expect You to Have Taken? . You can take statistics at the AP level (see the above section) or regular level. Is the ACT easier than the SAT?. The report showed that majority of the candidates avoided questions on geometry, bearing, and trigonometry, longitude and latitude since they are imaginary lines that are not vestry. Send MY free tips! Exclusive test taking-tips and approaches, including information on calculator usage. Trigonometric identities like cos and sin addition and multiplication formulas. Paper Presented at WAEC monthly seminar, Lagos. A ETUK-IREN, the place of mathematics and attendant problems in Nigeria Secondary school curriculum.
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