Major college dissertation declaration sample

major college dissertation declaration sample

This is for USF College of Engineering M.S. thesis and Ph.D. students. It includes: Co- Major Professor: Molly McHolmes, Ph.D. .. so that it looks like this one and the format submission process will be much easier!.
The Department of Near Eastern Studies offers three undergraduate majors. Submit an L&S Major Declaration Form and a program plan for approval to the appropriate Undergraduate Faculty Adviser. Submit a thesis proposal and a completed NES Honors Thesis . Template base: ©
In general, a single thesis may not be used for more than one major. Junior transfer students must declare both majors by the deadline during their second. major college dissertation declaration sample The honors program provides students with an opportunity to research and write a thesis in the area of their major specialization. Courses can be taken in the areas of language, cultural, and historical studies and may apply towards completing major requirements. Similarly, poor performance on the defense cannot reduce the thesis grade by more than one-third of a grade. If you are thinking about declaring a major you are encouraged to speak to the undergraduate advisor — currently Ross Cameron — who can answer questions not answered here. Normally, students may count up to six transfer credits in philosophy courses towards the philosophy major, but transfer credits cannot be used to major college dissertation declaration sample any of the above requirements.
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