Auto Mechanic hardest college subjects reddit

Auto Mechanic hardest college subjects reddit

TL;DR Post here about your hardest engineering topic, or [fill out our brief 5. [ MECHANICAL ] Fire Tube Boiler Introduction basic concepts. What book would you recommend to a .. Spacecraft vehicle dynamics. Oh god the (It's the hardest subject in this course, at least in my college. Most people do it.
Engineers of reddit, what was the hardest class you took kn college? . Now that I'm in industry using both of those courses I can't believe I was able to . thing in the world, but i'm having more trouble with Fluid Mechanics. Missing: auto.
People say college will likey be one of the highlights of your life, (I keep my skateboard, backup shoes, and a collapsible rail in the trunk of my car at all times) .. Calculus, Mechanical Physics and Electrical Physics because you can use Most math and science courses have a ton of homework whereas. Auto Mechanic hardest college subjects reddit YouTubers React to Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning

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At my university, normally seniors pick first, and freshman last. The thing that I noticed first, though, was that almost all of the techs had shitty or run-down cars. Or you could pull the fuse to something like your radio or windows make sure it doesn't run anything else too though and replacing it with a burnt one. I've never worked so hard only to scrape out a B. And then my professor died of a heart attack half way through the semester. Links MUST be accompanied by a summary. I hear you on the part about no friends at work. All he needs is tattoos, honkey tonk music in the background, and perhaps an old dog named "Dog". Again no offense but this is an awful way to find out if it's an honest mechanic. Soooo many derivations even the Auto Mechanic hardest college subjects reddit makes mistakes and admits to copying from the text. However, expect to be charged for inspections or labour fees on work you ask them to do. The cheat sheet was useless, and the exams were way harder than the homework and littered with high level concepts that a freshman-level-math student really shouldn't understand.

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I'm from France, so I honestly know very little about India. They are notorious for ripping people off or outright damaging cars. Shop politics are annoying and customers REALLY suck when you work on luxury cars. The Film program at my university isn't exactly the best though, so whatever. This is the first math class I've had actual trouble with. Very glad this is up at the top. I should have just pulled the engine out but I was too stubborn for that and ended up in a really irritable mood by the time it finally started.
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