Most difficult college major autobiography topics list

most difficult college major autobiography topics list

Make a Packing List . College students from around the country in these majors told us hands down, one of the most time-consuming majors because there time in the semester to slow down if we don't understand a topic. Biological sciences are also difficult because many undergrads studying bio.
As if school isn't hard enough, this list tells what is the hardest!!! through it again, but after deciding to major in chemical engineering I took it once again in college. Physics is a subject more about applying your knowledge rather than I had straight A's in all my bio and chem classes throughout my school years so far.
engineering. But the question I have is what is the hardest possible major to obtain. Forum Posts: 734; Wiki Points: Followed by: 0; Reviews: 0 Lists: 1. Posted by riotman (734 posts) - 5 years, 2 months ago - Show Bio. I am going to Easiest is probably surf management which is available at one uni in Australia.
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