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explore the combined influences of arts with computer science. This article spanning two main colleges (Fine Arts and Engineering), the DAS degree programs much like biomedical engineering which combines elements of biology, medicine, . Liberal Arts and Sciences, and (4) DAS, offered through the College of.
Graduate Catalog for the University of Florida. College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Business Administration (Marketing - Master's); • Business Administration (Marketing - Ph.D.) Electrical and Computer Engineering ; • Environmental Engineering Sciences; • Genetics and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Aerospace Engineering; • Agricultural and Biological Engineering; • Biomedical Engineering ; • Chemical Engineering Go to information for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. . This unique concentration in the Master of Science program in medical sciences . operations research, engineering, and computer science.
Learning and Cognition [M, D]. Exercise Physiology [M, D]. Art Education College of the Arts. Health Science College of Public Health and Health Professions. Aerospace Engineering Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering. A Day in the Life of a Liberal Arts and Sciences student
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