Museum Studies hardest degrees to get

Museum Studies hardest degrees to get

But I have some big concerns about museums studies programs, namely: . They also have had a harder time thinking on their feet and.
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Museum Studies hardest degrees to get 970
This well-written essay really captures the concerns of public history students across the country. And now, with the costs associated with a national - or even regional - search going up, museums are also looking within for their permanent positions. If so, in what way? As I mentioned, I used to be a special education teacher. But it paid off. For the last two years, I've worked in the heritage and museums sector. They were more than happy to tell me no.
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Just because the author did not do what you did, does not make him ignorant, which sounds like what you were trying to tell him. Follow me on Twitter. Would a BA with major in museum studies and minor in history or anthropology be a good route to take? My undergraduate industrial design degree hadn't really taught me those things. Experience is still necessary but I don't think experience can trump education.

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As far as practical experience in life, I have plenty. Only you can make that decision - is it worth the money you put into it? Museums will be hiring curators of engagement and dialogue , curators of audience engagement and curators of the visitor experience. They are not, as Mr. The pressure to go for the doctorate is immense, but I neither need it or want it. Look around for some project that no one there can do, and learn how to do it well.
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