Human Services top 10 best majors

Human Services top 10 best majors

were all in the field. Average annual income of the 10 highest -paying majors. 1. Human services and community organization: 3.
majors and found that the difference in earning potential between one field of study and another can be more than TIME took a look at the 10 highest -.
A Georgetown University study identified the highest and lowest-paying college majors. Check out 10 of them.

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A major in Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies involves a combination of classes in business administration, physical education, and sports science. How the Majors Stack Up.. A physics degree can be applied to many different industries, including research science, space and astronomy, healthcare, and engineering. Unsurprisingly, working with the most vulnerable and poor members of our society does not lead to jobs with high pay. According to research published by the U. Clearly what one studies in college can also have a huge impact on salary. No thanks, I prefer not making money.

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Audiology and Speech Pathology subject at university Salary and job prospects may improve for students who go on to receive an advanced degree. Philosophy and Religious Studies. As a major, it includes learning how to provide services to communities, improving the social conditions of a community and acting as a community liaison to public agencies. These tests assure employers that their new hires will remain focused and effective on the job. Bernie Sanders wants Wall Street to pay for public college tuition. A true spiritual calling may come with significant rewards—just don't expect to get them in monetary form.
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Best Business Majors for Highest Paying Jobs. Low pay plus few job prospects are the recipe for a troubling career. They design and manage ways to extract crude oil and natural gas, and make sure those forms of energy production run efficiently. Certification exams are required after graduation from an accredited nursing program before you can be officially registered. Some human services professionals help older workers learn new job skills so they can remain active in the job market. Fears Over Zika Drive Demand for Mosquito-Repellent Products. College offers you many academic freedoms. Human Services top 10 best majors 10 College Degrees Worth Getting
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