Arts law sydney writer website examples

arts law sydney writer website examples

For example, is the web developer an individual or are you dealing with a company? . Very generally, moral rights include the right to be attributed as the author of a . Telephone: (02) 9356 2566 or toll-free outside Sydney 1800 221 457.
For example, the record company is often the owner of a sound recording. Employment: The author of a literary, dramatic, artistic or musical work has created the see Arts Law's information sheet on Employment Issues for NSW Employees. . the right to communicate the information in the booklet via your website only;.
Artist in Residence Agreement - Arts Law Centre of Australia Minimum rates for newspaper cartoonists are available from the MEAA website. This sample agreement is for use when artist/ writer /craftsperson has been granted . version by contacting us on (02) 9356 2566 or tollfree outside Sydney on 1800 221 457.

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We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' continuing connection to land, place, waters and community. Rod Nash was shocked when a Sydney council told him to stop work on the sculpture they had commissioned him to make for a public library. The ownership should accurately reflect who the copyright owner is of the separate components of the song - the music, lyrics and sound recording. The national community legal centre for the arts. If you want to use an existing translation, you need permission from both the owner of copyright in the underlying work and in the translation.
Go to the Info Hub. Arts Law is often contacted by artists whose works have been lost or damaged while being exhibited by a gallery, and who have been told by the gallery that it is not responsible. Sample Website Terms of Use. It provides clarification on the small claims procedure in Western Australia. RE Introducing Creative Commons. Subscribe to Arts Law.

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This information sheet provides an overview of the legal agreements used to set up a Creative Hub and issues participants should consider. Which rights of a copyright owner can the licensee exercise? Arts Law has developed a suite of legal documents associated with ethical collaborative agreements between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and designers who wish to work and create together. But having an agreement in placer can really help avoid problems down the track, and keep your band strong and happy for years to come. Also, the leaving member may still have moral rights so you need to check the credits! arts law sydney writer website examples
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