Astronomy easiest science majors

Astronomy easiest science majors

A lot of universities offer a ' Physics for non- science majors ' sort of class, Sometimes if you pick an " easy " science class, you'll end up with a.
That said, I think you should try to take a physics or chemistry course Biology is major memorization but no math, bio was closely related My university has something called "Descriptive Astronomy " which is similarly easy.
I have between Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth, Geology, Oceanography Do any of these relate to your major? At Michigan, geology and astronomy were generally seen as the easiest options for your natural science credits.
So I'll reframe your question in what I hope is an acceptable way - given that you are going to take Biology, and in your innocence are thinking it will not be fun, what other class should you take to ease the pain? Given its rigor, at many colleges biochemistry is a limited-enrollment program. Solutions to Einstein's equations are derived. Below are several examples of advanced science classes. Originally Posted by brightdoglover, Astronomy easiest science majors. Enviro Sci is easy for me. Between that and biology you're really going to have a better appreciation for the stuff you're surrounded by.

Astronomy easiest science majors - and

Trying to decide whether AP or IB is better? Art, Writing, and Music. Intro Geology - Joke. Geology was the easiest--by far. I'm a little biased I'm a Bio major so I would go with Biology. Astronomy easiest science majors

Astronomy easiest science majors - example

That said, if everyone in the school is presented with the same four choices as you, geology and astronomy may move slower because they will be packed with non-majors satisfying their requirements most schools don't have a ton of students majoring in astro or geology. For those of us who have drunk the kool-aid, science inspires more wonder in the world, rather than less. In the ever evolving process of planning which classes to take to transfer out of CC, I'm wondering which required science classes one should take if they're not a "science" person i. Entry-level physics is terrible at my university and from what I've heard the same goes for most universities. We had one module in Biochem again, no math , Botany not as dull as it sounded , Zoology pretty much Anatomy and Physiology , and Microbio. How Do I Start Choosing a College? As a research scientist with a zoology BS and PhD I'm going to just pretend you didn't say that.
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